With the AVM Package developed on SuiteCRM, customer and tenant management of shopping centers is made possible.

The shopping mall package prepared by Advocotek CRM includes tenant management and loyalty management capabilities. AVM Package functions can be summarized as follows:

  • Tenant Management

    • Contract definition (duration, management and tenant alert definitions)
    • Contract text
    • Payments (invoiced, expected to be paid, paid)
    • Requests
    • Sending questionnaires to tenants and reporting survey result
  • Customer Management

    • Management of demographic information
    • Campaigns attended by customers
    • Sending survey forms to customers and reporting survey results
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  • Loyalty Management
    • Event-based campaigns (rewards offered to customers engaged in the specified activity at a specified time)
    • Lottery among shoppers,
    • E-mail or SMS campaign to the specified target audience,
    • Location-based campaigns with the Audiotag device placed in the shopping mall
  • Mall Cost Distribution

    • Costs caused by shopping mall customers (for example, medical expenses)
    • Activity
    • Technical services, security and other items,
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  • Reporting
    • Access to data and reporting via Excel
    • Reporting in formats such as Excel, PDF
    • Planning a report.

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