Developed by Advocotek on SuiteCRM, “Clinical / Practice Management” allows the relations between the patient and doctor in the health sector to be more detailed and stronger, thus creating long-term relationships, differentiation, and offering innovative services and products. Since the doctor can keep the history of his patients on SuiteCRM on a regular basis, he will be able to follow the change on the patient step by step.

It is offered with the following basic functions: Necessary revisions are made in line with your requests.

With a 360° customer view, all information about your customers and their products are at your fingertips.

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  • Appointment management

    • Appointment calendar
    • Automatic appointment notification
    • Keeping appointment results
  • Sending alerts to patients via SMS / Whatsapp and e-mail

    • Sending appointment times
    • Sending inspection times
    • Sending patient-related results
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With advanced reporting options, you can create your reports in a few clicks, and share your reports with automatic mailing if you wish.

  • Adding external documents

    • Regular archiving of patient-related documents (reports, written prescriptions, etc.)
  • After the information documents are prepared in SuiteCRM, they can be easily published on the web page.

    • Articles written by the doctor on the subject he specializes in
    • Treatment information that is important to their patients
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