SuiteCRM Automotive Management Service Program Features:

The Vehicle Service and Automotive spare parts sector is one of the most complex sectors in terms of part diversity. The increasing variety of vehicles and the number of manufacturers increase this complexity. SuiteCRM includes features that will help you overcome this complexity. Below are some of these features.

All capabilities are shaped and developed in line with your demands.

  • It can introduce the car card from a single screen; You can define information such as damage to the vehicle card, complaints, workmanship, materials used, vehicle delivery date, and perform your billing transactions.
  • With Risk Management, you can manage the risks of your customers or suppliers. You can add comments, see the performance graph, and get analysis reports.
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  • A concubine can track more than one vehicle card, extre etc. You can get reports.
  • You can report the next arrival date and km of the vehicle by looking at the arrival date and km information of the vehicles. Thus; For example, you can report the list of vehicles that need to be serviced this week.
  • You can send a bulk campaign sms or e-mail to the customers placed on the lists.
  • You can ensure that the complaints returned as a result of the service are kept under the relevant customers.
  • Motor insurance, traffic insurance, etc. You can track the transactions and send this information as sms or whatsapp.
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  • You can easily track spare parts, transfer spare parts and price changes from file formats such as excel and pdf.
  • You can keep your stocks under control with spare parts management.
    • Spare parts stock quantities
    • Sending sms or e-mail to the authorities in case of a shortage of parts
    • Location information of parts in the warehouse
    • Which parts are installed for which customer
  • It can be integrated with accounting programs.
  • You can automatically transfer your work order forms to the sales receipt or sales invoice, and when necessary, you can issue invoices individually or collectively based on your sales receipts.

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