With “Home Office Management” developed by Advocotek on SuiteCRM, it is aimed at individual users who sell from home.

This package; It aims to offer an application that can track sales, keep customer information more organized, analyze income amounts more easily and meet their simple needs, to users who are difficult to obtain large CRM software with their low budgets.

Below are the capabilities that will be included in this package: Revisions are made in line with your requests.

  • Customer management,
  • Opportunity management,
  • Customer support management,
  • Customer demand management,
  • SMS and E-Mail Marketing,
  • Excel reporting will be available.
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  • Sending notifications/reminders to customers via SMS and E-Mail,
  • Reporting of the whole process,
  • Opening the desired portfolio information to the company website with an iframe,
  • Reporting
    • Data access and reporting via Excel,

With advanced reporting options, you can create your reports in a few clicks, and share your reports with automatic mailing if you wish.

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