Ease of access to potential customers.

The tourism sector is one of the fastest growing and volatile sectors in the world. It is very difficult to provide customer satisfaction, which is of great importance today. Some of the reasons for this are; Each customer has a different demand and the services provided vary.

SuiteCRM helps you overcome difficulties with its 360° customer view, integration with social media tools, and many modules such as requests and surveys. You keep track of your loyal and potential customers and keep control by creating a corporate memory.

SuiteCRM tourism company package content:

Sales: To control all sales and reservations,

Marketing: Presenting the event, offer and opportunity process in accordance with the customer profile,

With a 360° customer view, all information about your customers and their products are at hand.

The “Customers” module, which is associated with all modules, is a center where all information about your customer or supplier is kept with its sub-panels.

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Requests: You can follow up customer requests coming from channels such as social media, website, e-mail. Never miss a request with automatic request generation, escalation and reporting.

Surveys: You can create and direct survey templates to your customers, staff or all your other connections, get answers to your survey questions, either as text or as ratings, and report them.

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Service Points: You can add information and photos of your service points. You can view it on the map with Google maps integration.

SMS/Whatsapp: You can send personalized, name-specific campaigns and bulk SMS/Whatsapp for information purposes to your contacts in the customer management section. In addition, it is also possible to send a personalized message to the contacts registered in your database on their special days or on any subject you want to inform.

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Offers: Send your offers without delay and follow them instantly. Offer templates are prepared completely for you in accordance with your business dynamics.

Opportunities: You record all the requests from your potential and existing customers and manage the sales processes from the beginning to the end of the sale.

Campaigns: With the Campaigns module, you can create marketing or survey campaigns for potential or existing customers.

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Calls: Call center integration is provided as “incoming call management” and “outgoing call management”.

For incoming call; incoming call to physical or softphone is answered by pressing the button on the screen,

Automatically find Customer, Contact, Potential from phone number

For an outgoing call, the customer’s phone is dialed by pressing a single button,

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