Organization is a process that needs to be prepared with care and attention at every stage. Due to its presence in the service sector, sufficient importance should be given to customer satisfaction. With the “Organization Management” developed on SuiteCRM, it monitors the accommodation, transfers, sponsors, associations, speakers, guests and all necessary areas within the organization.

Gather your requests, create proposals, manage the organization, set your finances and budget, provide instant access to all your person, company, sponsor, hotel and venue data and actively manage all processes. Configure the detailed management setup quickly, witness a smooth and fast operation.

Organization Management System Product Detail:

  • Customer relations management

Customer information is at hand with a 360-degree view.

  • Organization Management

You can send information to the organizers or participants via SMS/Whatsapp or e-mail, and manage the organization calendar.

  • Sponsor Management

You can define sponsors, do document management, track income history

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  • Budget and Bid Management

Create sales and cost budgets, calculate profitability. Manage your offers.

  • Project management

Milestones of the project can be defined. Business plans are created based on these milestones. Delays in work can be tracked.

  • Expense Management

You can manage your project expenses, track your expenses according to the configured approval flow and keep them under control.

  • Purchasing Management

You can manage the suppliers, follow the price lists. By collecting offers, you can manage purchasing within the approved budget.

  • Staff management

You can manage and report all personnel transactions such as payrolls, leave, embezzlement, advances, compensations.

  • Stock management

Inventory tracking of materials purchased for organizations can be done. Costs can be reduced by checking stocks before making a purchase in the next organization.

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  • Financial Management

You can perform all kinds of financial follow-up and risk management related to your customers, personnel and suppliers on the system.

  • Accounting Management

You can work integrated with accounting programs.

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