A comprehensive management tool for lawyers and law firms. You can be a freelance lawyer or a large law firm.

You can easily track your files with “Lawyer/Office Management” developed by Advocotek CRM on SuiteCRM.

The lawyer will be able to inform his clients more quickly and automatically on the issues he has determined.

Package content can be shaped according to your demands.

Lawyer/Office Management functions can be summarized as follows:

  • Appointment management
    • Appointment calendar
    • Automatic appointment notification
    • Keeping appointment results
    • Meetings, creating notes, automatic notification
    • Notification via SMS/Whatsapp/e-mail
    • Hearing follow-up and notification
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  • Sending alerts to clients via SMS/Whatsapp/e-mail
    • Sending appointment times
    • Submitting litigation times
    • Sending client related news
  • Adding external documents
    • Regular archiving of client related documents
    • Regular archiving of legal documents (related laws, legal changes, etc.)
  • After the information documents are prepared in SuiteCRM, they can be easily published on the web page.
    • Articles written by the lawyer on the subject of her expertise (di┼čil)
    • Laws that matter to their clients
    • Changing laws
  • Instead of offensive definitions such as customer on the front faces, words such as client for client will be used.
  • Publishing the information entered from SuiteCRM on the web page
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