Advocotek has brought a new perspective to Call Center CRM software with the development it has prepared in the SuiteCRM environment.

Some of the features of the “Advocotek Call Center Management” program, which has a dynamic structure with all the features and reporting that the management and employees will need, are as follows.

“Call Center Management” is not a standard software, it can be developed in line with the demands of our customers, as in other Advocotek CRM versions.

Call center integration is provided as “incoming call management” and “outgoing call management”.

For incoming call; incoming call to physical or softphone is answered by pressing the button on the screen,

Automatically find Customer, Contact, Potential from phone number

For an outgoing call, the customer’s phone is dialed by pressing a single button,

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  • Adding the customers to be called to the target lists,
  • Matching target lists with call center employees,
  • Calling the customer in the target list with a single button and taking notes about the call (for example, he could not be reached, he asked us to call again later, he was not interested),
  • Access to caller numbers and customer records in incoming calls and automatic display of customer information on the screen,
  • Ability to take notes about the incoming call and create a request,
  • Ability to forward the incoming call to a different number,
  • Detailed reports can be obtained according to the content of the meeting.

With a 360° customer view, all information about your customers and their products are at your fingertips.

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suitecrm google maps

You can add information and photos of your service points. You can view it on the map with Google maps integration.

With advanced reporting options, you can create your reports with a few clicks and notify you with automatic e-mail.

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