With the package we developed on SuiteCRM for all businesses operating in the advertising sector, we become a solution partner to the sector. You can create customer campaigns. You can follow your offers and contracts. All information is at hand with 360 degree view.

All our modules are shaped according to your demands.

Manage your Sales Process

  • Keep call notes,
  • Call logsInstantly share important developments with your team.
  • Add pictures, drawings, files.
  • Write comments, take notes
  • Enter your notes into calendars, Plan your appointment dates
  • Measure staff performance
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Offer Submission system

  • No more using outlook when submitting an offer.
  • Send your projects and offers with one click
  • Mobile and web-based usage.
  • Bid archive system

Customer Tracking system

  • Register your customers
  • Create archive for each customer
  • Add your customers’ offer, call notes
  • Easily save data such as phone number, e-mail address
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suitecrm sms whatsapp

Sending information to advertisers or related persons via SMS/Whatsapp or e-mail

  • Informative messages such as ad delivery, ad removal time
  • Ad refresh messages
  • Like campaign messages to advertisers,

Follow-up of advertisements

  • Content of the ad
  • How many times and where advertised
  • When to remove the ad on places like Billboard
  • Advertising income-expense tracking
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Our experts are ready to help you for solutions suitable for your company.